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Bulletin Board - The PDXnet Musician's Bulletin Board is a place for bands to seek and find members, shows, advice, information, tips, tricks, and all kinds of PDX-music related information.

Calendar of Shows - Calendar of Portland area live shows. Bands and fans can add shows by clicking on the date of the event you want to add, and then clicking "Add New Event". Instructions and a form will load in the right side frame.

Labels - 43 Portland Area Recording Labels

Live Music Venues - 158 local clubs, pubs and cafes

Entertainment - Portland Music Resources, record stores, radio stations, and movie and live theaters.

Music Links - Links to other Portland Music Websites

Talent - Artists, Photographers, Musicians, Actors, Film Help and Resource Directory for film and video.

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Our OneList - The PDX Music Discussion list. Please join and tell us what you know about the Portland scene.

Site Map (or, what are these links?) - YOU ARE HERE.

The Datatase - PDX Bands A to Z - Available from the homepage. About 1299 Portland Bands and musicians, over 900 linked to websites. Fully searchable by various criteria. To add your band, use this form.

Shop for PDX CDs - Our online store to buy PDX Artists' music over the internet!

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