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Other PDX Music Websites

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A & R World Indie Musician's Resources
AMP Center Portland, Oregon center for Arts, Music & Performance
Band Radio The Unsigned Band Resource
Bandthings.com You Buy CDs, Bands Sell CDs
BioJazz Network
bio-terrorist.org PDX Industrial Music
Cascade Link PDX Arts Links
CitySearch Portland Music Pages
IndiePop - v2.1
In Music We Trust Local music Zine
Jamzine.com PDX Indie Music Zine
Localmusic.org Local/Indie Music
The Morning After Show 1010 AM
Musi-Cal Search: Portland
Northwest Raves - Portland clubs, raves, record store information, and more.
Oregon and Washington Bands
OregonLive Music Page
Oregon Ska Page
PDXSounds - Opinion, Humor and Insanity on the PDX scene - our sarcastic "evil twin"
PDX BANDS.com - What Portland Sounds Like
Pioneer Music - Guitars, guitars, more guitars!
POH-HOP Great PDX Hip-Hop Page
Portland Music Company A great place to buy musical gear.
Positively Entertainment - Excellent, un-biased coverage of artists and bands
Sensory Circuit - Home of Sensory Overload
Thrasher Presents - Tons of local shows! Don't forget to get your hand stamped!
US Metal - Portland's Own

Jamzine - Portland Music Zine

[US Metal]

General Music WebSites

New Musical Express - Rock Weekly
Ourtown Mag - Downtown Portland Weekly
Pandemonium Online - Seattle's internet music guide
Pitchfork Online - Daily Internet Media
Portland Rock Asylum - Lots of Rock 'n Roll Links
Section 3 - new.culture.for.the.masses
The Music Connection - Indie music marketplace, gear for sale, bands, and more.
Ticketweb Oregon - buy tickets online for Berbati's, the Crystal, more.
UnfURLed - MTV/Yahoo! Guide to Web Music

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