Songs on Tiki Torch Cocktail

The Vibrasonics announce the release of their long-awaited CD "Tiki Torch Cocktail!" Serving up a potent cocktail of blues, rockabilly & swing with a splash of surf, this trio provides a high energy performance with plenty of opportunities to show off your dance steps. As it says in the liner notes - right under an actual recipe for the Tiki Torch cocktail - DRINK, DANCE, REPEAT!

All clips are 20-30 seconds in length.
Wav files are approximately 1.5 megs (10-13 minutes at 28.8k, 5-6 minutes at 56k)
Real Audio files are approximately 150k (1-2 minutes for just about anyone)
Real Audio files require the free Real Audio G2 player.

1.  Tiki Torch Cocktail wav-RA
2.  Twisted wav-RA
3.  I Do OK wav-RA
4.  No Replacing You wav-RA
5.  El Guapo wav-RA
6.  Now I'm Gone wav-RA
7.  Hard Times wav-RA
8.  Trailer Park wav-RA
9.  She's Murder wav-RA
10. Monkey Principle wav-RA

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