The Vibrasonics have been together for about 4 years. During that time, they have carved out a niche for themselves somewhere to the left of the rockabilly, around the corner from swing, and right on top of jump blues. They were nominated by the Cascade Blues Association for a Muddy Award in 1997 as Best New Act. Very popular with local swing/lindy dancers, they have opened for national acts Indigo Swing, The Hot Rod Lincolns, Wanda Jackson, and The Mighty Blue Kings, and headline their own shows all over the Portland area. Their current CD, "Tiki Torch Cocktail," contains 10 original songs. Check 'em out...

Allen Hunter - Bass/Vocals
Justin DeFreese - Guitars
Kelly Dunn - Drums

These three Portland musicians serve up a potent cocktail of blues, rockabilly & swing with a splash of surf that grabs you firmly by the ears and shakes hard! Their recent, all-original release "TIKI TORCH COCKTAIL" reveals the band's versatility and song-crafting skill. Allen Hunter (dog-house bass & vocals), Justin DeFreese (guitars)*, and Kelly Dunn (drums)* always give a high-energy live performance that leaves everyone sweaty and grinning. Dancers will love the tempos and irresistible beats, while music-heads in the crowd will be stunned with the raw emotion and technical skill of these guys.

*David Ward plays guitar and Steve Aubrey plays drums on the CD.

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